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With the ever increasing rise in the use of mobile, web, and desktop applications, Application Security is a growing concern for businesses across the board. It has also become incredibly important as the information managed and processed by applications is highly confidential and applications must handle this information securely. The development and IT Security team of ICDA works together to provide a secured application solution.

cyber-crime-zoom   Secure Planning

cyber-crime-zoom   Secure Design

cyber-crime-zoom   Secure Development

cyber-crime-zoom   Secure Deployment

cyber-crime-zoom   Regular Maintenance and Security Checks

Our team utilises latest tools to take advantage of the most recent security trends and reduce the number and severity of vulnerabilities throughout all phases of the development process.

Every enterprise or business either general, corporate or e-commerce grabs most of the traffic from the mobile devices. That's why more than 1.26 lakh applications are uploaded every month. Each and Every website either corporate, eCommerce or business have their mobile application for complete exploitation. One can get protected by having Mobile application security assessment. Mobile applications are equally at risk as of web application and desktop applications.

it is a finding process as to how the vulnerability impacts if it exploits or threat occurrence are realized. This is a procedure of preparing a complete aggregated list of risks and their execution impact. In mobile devices mitigation will finally include a type of hard and soft mitigations. We thoroughly access the complete mobile application.


Insecure Data Storage

Privacy Concerns

Insufficient Transport Layer Protection

Client Side Injection

Poor Authorization and Authentication

Cookies Poisoning

Improper Session Handling

Weak Server Side Controls

Secure Release and Deployment of Mobile Apps in the Store

Device Security